Translation Series is Complete Now

We now have a collection of articles, from David, in a perfect sequence to learn about Translating Dexterity Applications.

The first two articles, Writing Translatable Dexterity Code & Writing Multi-Lingual Dexterity Code, discussed about what needs to be done to make our custom code TO BE and NOT TO BE translatable code.

The third article, Translating Dexterity Code, introduced a tool which translates the string and message resources to the respective native language and also steps that need to be followed to achieve this translation.

The fourth article, How to Horizontally Flip the Windows, explained us about doing this smart stuff of flipping windows horizontally. This is especially useful in ME region, as the users like to see the screens on Arabic language and with this flipping, the screens look exactly how GP is developed on Arabic from the scratch.

The fifth article, Dexterity and Double-Byte Languages, explained us about why Double-Byte characters are not supported in Dexterity. Well, we would expect though, in future, to have this added to GP technology, but as David clearly mentioned, it is not in the wish list, at least for some more time. That does not stop from one to do the R&D and get something done like the screenshot that is shown. We can certainly go about it. The screenshot of that Chinese version, tells us that nothing is impossible.

The sixth and final article, Handling Translation when Customizing with VBA, is a much needed article for me at least. David was kind enough to add this originally unlisted article to the series after my query on how to handle the VBA Customizations while translating. It so happened that I was working on a VBA Customization when this series came up and since we all write VBA event codes on ModelDialog Handling, it was quite imperative to know how to deal this. And the explanations were more than enough to feed my thoughts and experiments.

On the whole, this one is a series of valuable articles to treasure as a GP Developer. Thanks David, for your time and efforts in consolidating the necessary information and giving us this series.



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