GP Upgrade – Database Data Space 0MB Error

I had published an article, GP Service Pack 3 Upgrade Error & Resolution, which explained an error that I faced while upgrading GP 10.0 from SP2 to SP3. I received more and more details on several reasons due to which this could have happened. So I thought I would summarize all comments on one article.

Error: While upgrading GP v10.0 from any version to a higher version, you may see the following screens and the upgrade would not complete properly.


There are several reasons to this. I have given each possible reason, by mentioning the name of the contributor in square braces.

1. You do not have the GP Application User Administrator, DYNSA, on your Database Logins. Please refer to my first article on how to rectify this. [VAIDY]

2. DYNSA user exist, but the password is not strong. When we do not use a “strong” password for the DYNSA user at the prompt for the password, this error tend to happen. Try using something like Fr33dom! other than the typical ACCESS and it should proceed through the upgrade as normal. [ANONYMOUS]

3. DYNSA User exist, but the Password Enforcement Policy for this user is enabled. Well, you may need to disable the Password Enforcement Policy for DYNSA user to avoid password change prompts. [SAMUEL MATHEW]

4. DYNSA User exist, but there is no password set. A blank password for DYNSA could prove troublesome. I am not quite sure how this would have got created when GP is installed for the first time, but check this out and if you end up with this one, enter a password for DYNSA. In this contributor’s case, even a mild strength password did the trick and the upgrade got through. [STACY]

Well, I think this would be useful for people as a reference.



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