Around GP Blogosphere – Till 6th Jan 2009

So here we go. Some of the best articles in the past 4 days have been consolidated. Hope this be a Articles’ Map. 🙂

Developing For Dynamics GP:

David Musgrave is back. And back with an important information. In the article, Background Process is Running: Exit Aborted Message, he explains why this error is thrown and what’s the solution for that. Must read for VSTools Developers.

Mark has lead us to two very important, on its own scope, articles.
1. Backup, Backup, Backup: This is a very critical thing that we need to cultivate as a Consultant/IT Admin/Technical Guy/Whoever who is suppose to take care of GP data. I had already posted an article on this separately, but I do not mind stressing this again. MUST READ.
Lock the Taskbar: It’s a very common thing that we would have seen whenever we launch GP. And the explanation that Mark has given, is pretty simple and not-more-than-two-steps solution. I had a kind of doubt and Mariano has clarified that. You can find our discussion as comments on that article. Do have a look at it.

Dynamics Confessor:

After a brief gap, Leslie came back with two articles.
1. Dex.ini Switches – Part II: This is the second and last article in the short series. Sharing her experience, she has given us a comprehensive list of INI switches. I have never seen or heard about most of these switches. I am sure we are going to learn more and more from Leslie.
Year End Closing Retained Earnings Validation: Well, I have not even crossed 1/2 the functionality, but striving hard to do so. This article did lend some insight to me, to learn this concept. Read it, you would certainly learn something.


Frank Hamelly had posted this article quite sometime back. But this is surely very informative. Read his article, Copying Reports in Report Writer. Must Read for GP Developers.


Mark has posted this timely article. New Year Resolutions, well GP Resolutions. He’s at his best to explain possibly the much needed resolutions for all GP guys out in this world. Check this article, you would agree: Make Life Easier for Yourself with Microsoft Dynamics GP 10: Five Habits to Break in the New Year.

Ross Business Solutions:

Couple of articles on SSRS and Business Portal, comes with simple narrative and necessary information. You can’t help than craving for more information.

The Dynamics GP Blogster:

Mariano, as always, shares tremendous amount of knowledge on various topics.
1. Incorrect EIC Value in 2009 US Payroll Tax Update: Very critical information with a fix. I took some days to understand the concept and the impact of the issue. But I finally did. Don’t miss this, especially those who are GP Customers/GP Consultants. I would suggest to GP Developers as well, to know about this, so they don’t get deviated if faced.
SOP Requested Ship Date Roll Down – Part II: Second and last in this series. This article explains you about rolling down the SOP Requested Ship Date to SOP Lines automatically. Uses VBA/SQL Procedure.
How to search for a text within a SQL Server trigger, stored procedure, or UDF: A Must Read for Developers.

Victoria Yudin:

I have been learning a lot of GP’s functionality with real-time Accounting Knowledge. Thanks to Victoria. She has been amazing when explaining the concepts with such an ease and simplicity. This article, Using Credit Cards to pay Vendors in Dynamics GP, is of tremendous value. MUST READ for those who would seriously like to learn GP & Functionality.

Well, that’s all I could consolidate for now and I sincerely hope someone gets benefited from this.



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