What a tool VBA is?

It is a real pleasure to work on VBA Customizations. I just completed one such customization for a client, and believe me, it was fun and effective to achieve it.

One of the clients, asked for a criteria to be added on a Smartlist lookup. They wanted to filter records based on a value which is not provided in the standard GP/Smartlist lookup. We can still setup the Smartlist Favorite to do this, but they did not want it as everytime we open the lookup, we need to go and manually select that criteria from the Smartlist Header menu.

This had to be achieved by adding a Check Box for that criteria and upon selecting, the records should be filtered accordingly. Well, I first thought I would write some Dex triggers or some coding with Dex. But then, I finally decided to go for VBA and give it a try.

VBA did the trick, that too less than 75% of the estimated time. It’s efficient, ease-of-use, maintainable and what not? It does have limitations, I completely agree, but if you need a fast solution for simple & critical requirements, you can certainly bet on VBA.

I have started loving this brilliant tool. Mariano had rightly said in one of his articles about VBA and its efficiency. I am experiencing it now.



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