Vista UAC & Dynamics GP

This is a bit an old thing, but just thought of posting, as this may help some one who is on Windows Vista OS and Dynamics GP 10.0. I am not sure, how many of us would have noticed the first message which I have shown on this article.

On any Windows Vista machine, if the Vista User Account Control (UAC) is enabled, the user will be shown the following message when GP is launched as soon as the GP splash screen disappears:

Once we select “Windows” and click on OK, we will be asked to run the GP Utilities first before we launch GP, as follows:

And once GP Utilities is run, we log on and then the famous BCP Utility Error message is shown:

For the BCP Utility error, we have a KB article (KB#939917). But this article would advise us to turn off the Vista UAC feature, which cannot be agreed by some of the users.

In that case, all we need to do is to run the GP as Administrator. Right Click on the GP shortcut and select “Run as Administrator”. We should be good to go.


01 Jan 2009: UPDATE: An update to my post based on Sivakumar Venkatraman’s input. You can setup the “Run as Administrator” option as Default on the GP / GP Utilities shortcuts. 

Right Click on any of these shortcuts, select “Properties”. Select the Compatibility Tab and under which, find the “Privilege Level” area which will have the expected option “Run this program as an Administrator”.

Once this is set, we don’t have to do this again and again.

Thanks Sivakumar, for sharing this with us.


3 thoughts on “Vista UAC & Dynamics GP

  1. You can right click on the GP and GP utilities icon and in the properties, we can setup the fact that GP (or) GP utilities will always launch as administrators. This will avoid the user from manually launching it as admin every time.


  2. Yes Sivakumar, that’s a very valid and important point.I will update my post with the screenshot, so it is useful for the people to know it better.Vaidy


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