Sales Transaction GL Distributions – Victoria

A gem of an article from Victoria. Most of us would have wondered certain things with regards to Sales Transaction Distributions. At least, I used to wonder certain key aspects of this.

I knew WHAT distributions are created when we create a transaction and when we post it. For instance INV & COGS account distribution lines will not be created at the time of SOP document creation. It is created only when you post it. But I never knew WHY it is. Whenever I tell my team, I simply tell them that this is how it is done. I never had an answer for a trivial response from the team; WHY. This could be a very simple, something basic for me to know, but this is something new, when I read it. But clearly, I feel enlightened.

There are much more than what we would expect. Read this article itself to learn more: Sales Transaction GL Distributions in Dynamics GP.



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