About Energized Accounting

It’s been a long time since I did something on my blog. I was stuck with two things, one which caught my interest and one I was caught unaware: 

1. Inventory data level issues on one of my clients’ site.
2. My Photography

Sooner, I will get back to the above and provide you some interesting facts on that.

But this post, is meant to introduce a very good blog, which I very recently came across and now I am a constant follower. The blog is named as ENERGIZED ACCOUNTING

Most of the consultants in our GP community should be knowing this. But for those who don’t know about its existance: This is a blog with posts which very practically approached and intensely informative.

The Author of this Blog, Mr.Bill Kennedy, touches almost unforeseen (or rather overlooked) points on an ERP system. An ERP Consultant evolves completely only when he/she knows the basics better. This blog would certainly help us to evolve.

You read it, you will agree with me 100%, or even more than that.

Well, I am back to where I belong to. To learn & discuss GP.


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