Dexterity & GP Customization Tools – Training Details

All GP Developers & Consultants,

Please check this article, though it is a bit late, on David’s blog: What Training do you want and where?

While almost all the tools are listed on the Training schedule, there may be some other tools which could have got missed out or need more stress than the others. I would like all of us to go thru’ each and every tool available, very carefully, and then prioritize the importance of each of them.

So please go ahead and have a look at the Agenda for the Training. And do make sure that you enter your thoughts on the training.



2 thoughts on “Dexterity & GP Customization Tools – Training Details

  1. Alex,I am yet to plan this, once David comes back with some schedule as such. I will post a comment on this article as soon as there is a definite schedule announced.Vaidy


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