Cannot access this form because the dictionary containing it is not loaded…

Well, one of the most annoying messages you could get in Dynamics GP Application.

How about seeing this message, instead of the Purchase Order Entry or Receivings Entry form, on a Monday morning, when there are piles of Receivings and POs to be entered on the System? Does not sound good, isn’t it?

Well, the only possible reason for this: This form would have been customized by some 3rd Party Application and the access would have been given to that version of the form. For instance (I always take this 3rd party product for explanations, not to offend it though), Project Accounting is the one which has customized almost all the forms in Purchasing module. There is each and every reason behind that, as the functionality and scope of Project Accounting lies very much inside Purchasing and each and every form of Purchasing module needed to be customized.

But then, the issue is, a Customer would have implemented Dynamics GP with Project Accounting (unintentionally) or a VAR without knowing the implications of PA towards the system would have installed GP with PA. This will automatically set the Security Settings for all the users to access Project Customized Purchasing forms. Now, when the Customer finally comes to know about this, and does not want Project Accounting on the environment, our VAR would have happily uninstalled the PA by “Changing the existing Instance of GP” option from Add/Remove Programs.

When the user try to open the Purchase Order Entry form, BANG, this message will pop up. And he will be out of his wits, to say the least. Calls here and there, blaming games start, situation more than panicky.

The access settings are mapped to Project Accounting based Purchasing Forms, but there is no PA dictionary at all on Client’s machine. How about it? And this is exactly what a client had faced and posted this as a query on MS Newsgroups. I was more willing to share this information to him and he was able to solve it.

The solution is simple. Open the Alternate Modified Forms/Reports, select the respective ID and change the access settings to the Microsoft Dynamics GP version of forms. That would do the trick.

And then came the input from David Musgrave. Setting access to default version for each and every form would prove more time consuming. Is there any other way to seamlessly do this? YES there is. Run the Reconcile on Security. This will remove all the stranded security access settings and change it to default settings.

Being an experienced developer in Customizations, I wanted to try this all by myself and removed some of the major Customizations from GP App. I then opened one of the affected GP Form and it threw this error. I then ran the Reconcile for Security, precisely Reconcile on “Security Assignment Alternate/Modified Operations”, those forms which are affected by the removed Customizations, were reset to Standard GP version. Wow, that’s quite nice to do this, because, we don’t have to worry about which are all the forms that are affected and need to be reset. All is done by just one click.

Now whenever someone ask this, I would say “Run Reconcile on Security”. Thanks to David for sharing this and I learned something new for me today.

Original Link of this post on MS Newsgroups: Cannot access this form because the dictionary containing it is not loaded.



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