Dynamics GP 2010 Upgrade Paths

Njevity Blog has got an important piece of information, posted by Melissa Sandrovich, on available Upgrade Paths for Dynamics GP 2010.

The paths are detailed from versions 9.0 till lower versions of GP2010 to it’s current version.

Those who are looking for this information anywhere else, this post would be of immense time saver.



Upgrading 150+ Companies – Now that’s A REAL UPGRADE

Mariano quotes us from Randal Mayer on How to Upgrade 150+ GP Companies.

I have never even imagined more than 15-20 companies, and this advise IS needed for all of us.

And this post also answers a major question: Is Dynamics GP really capable of handling loads and transactions? Now a customer having 150+ companies in Dynamics GP 9.0. And we have already got Dynamics GP 2010 with SQL Server 2008 R2.

That’s a lesson to all who doubt GP’s capability.