Common Support Debugging Tool (SDT) Myths – Fact or Fiction?

I am too late in reading this post from David (how bad I am?). But better late than never, right?

The post lists out some of the common myths circling around the best admin tool GP has ever seen and solves the mysteries. Read it here: Common Support Debugging Tool (SDT) Myths – Fact or Fiction?

Watch out for some cool myths pointed out at the end (original idea behind those is from our own Mark Polino).

David, you got to be an Alien for certain. Not just this tool, but also your futuristic steps that we witnessed not too far in the past.



Solving Security Privileges Errors using Support Debugging Tool

A very useful and critical illustration of how we can solve Security Privilege Issues with the use of Support Debugging Tool (SDT).

David’s post, Solving Security Privileges Errors using Support Debugging Tool, is a must read for all Consultants and Implementors, as we are for sure to face such errors while upgrading or moving from one server to another, or a fresh implementation with fresh Security Mappings.


Support Debugging Tool (SDT) Build #14 Released

David & his team has released Support Debugging Tool (SDT) Build 14. This release of SDT is having some very important fixes and enhancements. Read David’s post to know complete information about this build.

And I recommend this release be installed on all SDT using GP Environments.