eConnect 10.0 SP4 – Bug in taPOLine Schema

This one is pretty important.

I was reading thru’ the GP Partner Forum and learned that PO Integrations using eConnect 10.0 SP4 fails with the message: Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.eConnect: Number = 8701 Stored Procedure taPoLine : Description = Document Date is required for PA

Original Link: eConnect failure in integration manager taPOLine.

MSFT responded back saying that this is a bug and will be rectified in the coming Hot Fix.

So those who are updating eConnect 10.0 to SP4, kindly be informed about this and make sure that you are keeping track of the Hot Fixes which MSFT is going to release in future.



3 thoughts on “eConnect 10.0 SP4 – Bug in taPOLine Schema

  1. Hi Vaidhyanathan,We have observed this error. Is there any patch/ Hotfix provided by Micosoft for this.We need to go for SP4 as it has resolved may PA related issue. Currently we can not go with this as we are using PO related econnect schema for our internal application.Please let me know if any solution for this.RegardsSantosh


  2. Please see the actual Error for Shipment InvoicesCause of failure to push Shipment Invoice to GP : Sql procedure error codes returned: Error Number = 21042 Stored Procedure taPopRcptLineInsert Error Description = Receipt Date is required for PA Node Identifier Parameters: taPopRcptLineInsert POPTYPE = 3 POPRCTNM = PI12000095 ITEMNMBR = this is description entered by Related Error Code Parameters for Node : taPopRcptLineInsert receiptdate = Note: This parameter was not passed in, no value for the parameter will be returned.


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