About the GP Note Field – by Frank Hamelly

Frank has got a very good and informative post on the Ubiquitous GP Note Field.

There are couple of warnings (rather word of caution) given out. One critical point is: Notes can be modified or deleted by any user who has access to the Transaction Window or Inquiry Window where the Note resides. Why would GP allow a Note residing in an Inquiry Window, that means a Posted Transaction, to be modified? Is there any necessity or logic behind this?

I think so. For instance, on a Posted Transaction I may probably want to register my reasons on the date at which the transaction was posted, in case I post it on a date which is not suppose to be the expected. I may also probably want to register my reasons on this specific transaction which was posted individually by taking it out from a batch.

If I have customized my Inquiry Reports by having the Notes included, this would make even more sense to have the latest Notes on my report.

That said, we should be more careful in using Notes and it’s more like use it at our own risk. We may probably delete it by mistake or we may find the Notes being modified from it’s original content by someone who has got access to it.

I am eagerly waiting for Frank’s second post on this topic.



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