Saluting the Character of ND Community

David had written an article on this and given a link, Red River Flooding, which contains some photos on ND Community fighting Red River Flood. And with that, there is a whole lot of comments (it’s nearly 1400 comments and still counting) on this flooding and the consequences.

While it is not possible to read all the comments, quite understandably, I did go through some comments (for nearly 300). And out of all, this one stands out:

Comment #47: (Excerpts) We will win this thing or die trying. – Don

What a level of commitment and attitude this guy has shown in his words! I am completely taken back by these words. While some of the comments were really cruel and harsh, some were really submissive to the situation, some were prayers, only some comments like this shown the real character of a Community which is relatively small but large at heart.

I salute this spirit, attitude and character of ND Community.



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