Three Trigger Technique – A Reference for Dex Developers

Triggers in Dexterity; the most powerful and safest way of writing Cross Dictionary Customizations. Often, we get stuck in our Customization Development, not knowing how to intercept certain processes in GP (or any 3rd Party Product).

The Three Trigger Technique, by David Musgrave, explains the “Scope, Relevance & Preciseness” of placing a Trigger. Every Dexterity Developer knows how to write a trigger and on which object. But very less would know where to write it and how safely that can be placed for execution.

First article, Using the Dexterity Three Trigger Technique Part I, explains the theory with a real time example.

Second article, Using the Dexterity Three Trigger Technique Part II, explains the Three Trigger Technique with the support case that David addressed.

Per his bullet points at the end, concentrate on the following (instead of the actual scripts and the fix that he had provided):

– Three Trigger Technique
– Cross Dictionary Triggers
– Capturing and Using References

Must Read and for our Reference.



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