Customizations that we do not need to do – Patrick Roth

This is a must read article from Patrick Roth, Customizations that we do not need to do, for every GP Developer / Consultant. At times and at some Customers’ environments, the GP Business Study (some call this as Business Mapping) and Implementation is done without a Trained / Experienced GP Functional/Technical Consultants.

Personally, I have even seen some of the implementations being done without a Complete Master Data Migration (can you imagine a Customer planning the First Payroll in GP after nearly two months of “Go Live” and come to know that his company’s Employee Master Data yet to be migrated and the Paycodes / Benefits / Deductions yet to be setup? Well, I have seen that!).

Some Customers don’t know about all the features available in GP, how to map their Business Requirements with GP Functionality, how to minimize the Cost involved in covering the Gaps thru’ Customizations. Some Customers blindly agree to whatever the VAR says with regards to the Customizations, though the percentage of such Customers is compartively less.

This article is an eye opener of sorts for people from all sides.



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