Gross Profit Metrics – Daoud’s Article & Important Additional Note

I just started working on implementing certain key graphs for the Management Team. The first and foremost tryst was GP10 Home Page Metrics and if it does not cater for our requirements, I thought I would look out for external tools and developments.

First and foremost Metric that I tried was Gross Profit for the Past 12 Months. This was always showing ZERO Sales, but proper COGS for each period. We have already crossed 3 Fiscal Periods and I was quite confident that something is wrong with the Metric. How would you trust this graph when it shows you ZERO Sales for all Fiscal Periods?

Probing further to understand this graph, I read the article from Daoud, which explains the logic behind Gross Profit calculation for past 12 months. Thanks Daoud for this brilliant article.

That article was just a Direction Pointer for me, but I had to work on why my Sales always shown ZERO. In that article, Daoud explained to us to take the Account Category SALES and then list out the Account Summary information for each period in the Smartlist.

I did and it returned no records. Only then I remembered that we have customized the Account Category Numbers for Sales Account. The category was created as SALES INCOME. But for COGS Account, we have used the default COGS Account Category provided by GP. That’s why our Sales Figures were going down the ZERO mark on the Chart for all periods.

While Metrics does work for most of the customers, those who have customized their Account Categories have to bear the brunt of not able to use Metrics.

Bottomline: Metrics work only for default Account Categories provided by GP and does not consider the Custom Account Categories.



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