Thank you for all of my Blog Readers

18th Nov 2009 (yesterday), my blog reached it’s first ever distinction of crossing 100 visitors per day.

Yeah I know it’s something silly 🙂 but it is indeed an achievement for an Amateur Blogger like me. I strive hard to be more responsible and informative when I blog. And I hope in coming days and years I will be able to contribute to the GP Community.

Thanks for all Readers & Visitors to keep this blog alive and successful, and needless to say, do read and visit my blog as usual.



7 thoughts on “Thank you for all of my Blog Readers

  1. Vaidy,Congratulation to your 1st baby's 1st birthday. Wishing him all the best 🙂 I wish him to grow more stronger and more informative to others. All my pray and blessing to you.Vaidy, A small suggestion why don't you try to get MVP in GP, you need to just fill the application and send it to MS. I don't know full formalities, but I am sure you will get it and I wish, you will be the 1st person to get MVP from India. Please do it and let me know if you need any help.Regards,Sajeesh


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