Dynamics CRM Connector V2 RU2 supports Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Already

So that’s so relieving to know that we do not have to wait to get a compatible Microsoft Dynamics Connector for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.

The current version V2 RU2 supports Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 already. Check out this post on official Connector blog: Connector for Microsoft Dynamics V2 RU2 supports Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.


Microsoft CRM 2011 – Dashboards for Techies

There is an excellent write up in Microsoft CRM Team Blog, written by Siddhartha Rai.

This article explains how Dashboards Feature in CRM 2011 can be customized to render valuable Dashboards. And this does not mean, it’s so technical. This write up explains how simply this can be done without being so technical.

Read it here: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Dashboards for Techies.

CRM 2011 promises to be terrific. Can’t wait to grab hold of it realtime.